Đầu báo GAS KP-35

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Approval Number GP3VBC
Gas Detection Method Catalytic combustion type
Target Gas LP Gas
Alarm Level Less than 1/4 of lower-
explosive limit (LEL)
Alarming Method Red lamp light with
Intermittent buzzer sound
(Automatic reset)
Initial Alarm About 40 seconds
Prevention Time (Red LED on)
Operating Voltage 17Vdc – 35Vdc
Operating Temperature -10 °C to 40 °C
Humidity Range 85%RH or less
External Output Normal: 6V (5V – 6V)
Alarm: 12V (12 – 15V)
Trouble: 0V
Weight 140g without base
Accessories Test Gas (× 1)
Base KM-35B
Country of Origin Japan
Made By Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

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